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July 11, 2012


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Mujaku, before I speak with Zoketsu about Brad Warner's blog, I'll peruse Brad's alt-porno site, Suicide Girls, along with some of the other odd stuff he's done and written, and then decide whether to spoil Norman's day with any references to Brad Warner.

The point you try to make in your post is a fair one; zazan is not buddhavacana. However, sitting meditation is, and to practice jhana, chan, zen means in part this sitting practice. For anyone to suggest that one with paralysis or physical limitations cannot sit or practice zazen is silly. No honorable Soto teacher would suggest this. With Metta.

Misha: When you see Norman tell him to check out Brad Warner's blog: Sitting In Chairs Is Not Zazen.


Wow. So much of your commentary has been very sound, but the above reads like you had a bad case of gas. I'll check with Norman Fischer about Soto Zen and its relationship with spirituality. He might disagree with you....

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