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July 17, 2012


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If you are in a body and believe yourself to be a person, isn't it safe to assume you are confused. Not counting the 1 in a billion exception of course.

Steve Johnson: For the Buddha there was only one path: the Noble Eightfold Path (in one Sutta there is a tenfold path).

I believe this is a lot of supposition for an "enlightened" mind.

There are many paths to enlightenment, and no one can say which is right - for they are all fraught with potential and peril. As long as we continue to endeavor to reach the truth, we will succeed. When we focus on other people (especially their quirks and peccadilloes) we succumb to the our baser instincts and stop endeavoring.

Remember, the goal is not to denigrate others, but to lift ourselves.

My master told me;

"Zazen, without the enlightenment and release of spirit into its natural reality of Mind Only, is the egos idea of spirituality. It's a subtle entrapment of the mind, with nothing more than rebirth as its end-game. In a way it is a counter-initiation of spirit. A corruption that is very hard to overcome. You may call it anything you want, but do not equal it, in any way what so ever, with our Lords dharma. "

Don’t forget to point out that incessant zazen is like a deteriorating disease, wherein one simply entropies into a mindless-monad...a singular oddity squatting on the rump of deep-seated attachment.

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