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July 09, 2012


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Joe: You sound like you are a spokesperson for secular Buddhism. I should mention that besides the only Sutta the secular Buddhists believe in there is the Canki Sutta. Note this passage carefully: “even although something be thoroughly believed in, it may be empty, void, false; on the other hand, something not thoroughly believed in may be fact, truth, not otherwise” (M. ii. 170). One more thing, you need to safeguard the words of the Buddha, not dismiss them because they don't agree with secularism or Stephen Batchelor's quirky views.

Yes, there is life after death, but it is not "your" life, so there is no "re" (again), and because there is nothing born, there is nothing to worry about s.th. that may somehow "survive" death. Actually, this thought (and not only the belief in braindeath) is materialistic, too, it only hides behind the word "spirituality". There are many teachings attached to the Buddha that are not a sign of a clear mind (e.g. when he threatens people behaving badly will suffer from certain pains, hells etc. or when he recommends not to eat horse meat - whereas he has never denied pork and so forth). To say s.th. published nowadays by Buddhists is not in accord with the Palicanon is not a strong argument. One might hope so. As we all are required by the Palicanon itself (the Kalama sutta) to find out by ourself. Buddhism has developed, and it is not difficult to find contradictions in this blog with the Palicanon, too. As it is with all teachers and all Buddhist writers.

Chessar: The Zennist does not delete comments. With regard to Buddhism, Joko Beck is so far off the mark it is laughable. Here is more laughable Joko Beck.

"Yet Buddhahood is how you deal with your boss or your child, your lover or your partner, whoever."

Who is Zennist or any 'ist'. If you are full of ist are you full of identity and ideology? Do you strain to look for ideas and arguements? Maybe that is not nirvana. Maybe Joko is right. Maybe it is this, perfect and shining. (I do not mean these English words rendered on a computer screen).
PS You may want to delete your shoe seller spam below and please edit this PS out.

Please spread the word. What is being taught today is not Buddhism but materialism dressed in Buddhist robes.

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