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July 03, 2012


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AZ you've got my bs detectors ringing off the hook

Mind creates and sustains a field,  modern science has come to know as the Higgs field. The Higgs field is by will (of spirit) manipulated to comply with primarily ones sub-conscious desires and secondarily waking consciousness,  thus becoming a multi spectral field of sensory consciousness (5th skandha).
The Higgs Boson particles are the particles that forms the Higgs field and regulates all subatomic particles  of the world/universe you perceive/experience.
Beings of little spiritual insight yet a sharp scientific acumen focus on the Boson particles as to understand the field they believe regulates all forms of visible and invisible (dark) matter and the (dark)energy that dominates it.
The Esoteric Buddhist strives to return to the Pure Uncreated Mind, being itself before the Higgs field and its layers of particles. The full awakening to this Mind before the Higgs field is called annutarasamyaksambodhi, The return (paravritti) to its suchness (Tathata) once fully accomplished,  is called parinirvana or Dharmakaya.
To understand a bit about the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson watch this short and simplified video about the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson particle.


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