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July 25, 2012


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Dave: Excellent! There is even a reason as to why pure water enters into anti-thetical modification. As odd as it sounds the German mystic Jacob Boehme provides the answer who said:

"Without contradiction nothing can become manifest to itself; for if it has nothing to resist it, it goes continually outward and does not return again into itself. But if it does not return into itself as into that from which it originally came, it knows nothing of the primal being."

Now, aside from the secular position, I have heard different meanings for your snowflake tale.

One main version seems to suggest you stop becoming frozen as snow, sleet, hale, or ice let alone becoming heated forms such as steam, neither freezing nor melting nor evaporating. Instead, you will remain as pure liquid water in some great ocean unseen by ordinary perception.

The other main account is that water will continue to transform as part of the natural cycle, but you will be able to enjoy and possibly event direct rebirth by not becoming attached to a particular form such as snowflake or steam. Basically you are always aware that you are truly water and can go through different forms like changing clothes and playing dress-up without taking it too seriously.

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