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July 05, 2012


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You're riffing on the pejorative sense of the word 'materialism' -- yes there's a brief acknowledgement that a few others understand the word differently -- but it serves only to advance your rhetoric.

What you and so many others refer to as materialism is far better called consumerism, or more simply, greed. Materialism is a valid philosophical / epistemological stance which takes the existence of material / phenomenal reality as it's core precept, and proceeds logically from the evidence available to sense and consciousness.

I don't disagree in the slightest with your actual critique of greed / consumerism / the misrecognition of personal identity in the process of acquisition. 'Materialism' in its more accurate and less common meaning is actually on that same path with you in many instances.

In all F-ing seriousness however, yer right, materialism is for pure dogcrap. Now that im rocking 3 homes, a gold Rolex and a BMW Z4 convertible etc....

I find none of that crap matters one damn bit (not that i had a question before i got it that it would). Happiness is making major discoveries in the ancient greek or Pali etc, and going into noetic synthesis with the Absolute/Brahman/Atman. There is the only genuine bliss, none of the fancy shit I bought made by German Ubermenche

money makes da world go round yaaah baaaby money makes da world goooo round

sing it baby

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