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June 20, 2012


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Your present moment is nothing more than a freeze-frame on the wide screen of samsara.

MStrinado; It seems, at least to me, that your objections may be based on our different understanding of the words used. In any case, I agree with you regarding the nature of Clear Light (IT is AS IT IS), so I think it’s best to leave it at that, as it is. Namaste.


Using your own phraseology, “to be present with the moment” is clearly indicative of an “encounter”. You are stating this to be some kind of an experiential “moment” in encountering some kind of phenomena, i.e., a “present moment”. Also, in your context, you state that this moment will be encountered “when the Clear Light of Reality Shines”, as if this is going to be some kind of occurrence when an objective “Clear Light of Reality” finally makes its presence known. Luminous Mind, Clear Light, ect., is not an objectifiable occurrence sparked by some kind of phenomenal present moment…IT is AS IT IS in Itself with no-thing arising or cessating.

@MStrinado; Since the Zennist used the term “bardo”, a term used in Tibetan Buddhist teachings and specifically in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I responded from that view. The phrase “Clear Light of Reality” is a term used in the teachings and is synonymous with “luminious Mind”, a phrase used by the Zennist; both of which are synonymous with Dharmakaya.

Regarding the “present moment”, one does not *encounter* it.

' Your "present moment" is nothing more than a "freeze-frame" on the wide screen of samsara. '

Interesting, MStriando. Interesting thought indeed.

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