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June 06, 2012


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Bah! Nonsense. When you can't see the shit on your nose, even flowers are wretched.

If the past lives of the self were rememberable, then, over hundreds of generations, some Asian "self" reincarnated as a Native American would have "remembered" wheeled carts. Absence of such cultural diffusion via reincarnation is either strong evidence against reincarnation or it sets a severe limit on the meaning of remembered."

Anzan: Rebirth is just continually being reborn into the body of the Five Aggregates because of one’s inability to distinguish between the aggregates, which are conditioned, and the unconditioned where lies our true self: the Buddha-nature. As for the beginner's mind, it is inverted (viparyâsa). In this state, it is incapable of understanding true Dharma. Only with the arising of the Mind that that is Bodhi (bodhicittotpada) is there any hope for this person.

David Ashton: No, you could not advance. Faith is an essential part of Buddhism. According to the Buddha by faith one "guards the truth; but there is as yet no discovery of truth."

In Zen, rebirth is referring to each moment. To suffer from delusion is to be reborn into delusion. To be enlightened is to experience each moment with a "beginners mind."

Furthermore, the Buddha himself didn't want others to blindly follow his teachings.

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