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May 31, 2012


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check out this pudwacker on youtube,...hes been lifting the same sutta passages i post as evidence against no-soulism, ...too bad he looks like a pedophile and creepy to boot. I have no idea who this dufus is, however hes been lifting my videos and articles... funny stuff. At least hes wearing a suit.

his video:

My master told me;
"The truth (body) found in the dhyana of no corporeal position is the only path. This is the reason most beings fail to see (it) and much less understand (it). 
I have spoken about this truth more times than I can count and yet till this day you have failed to see it, much less understand it. If you cannot see it,  you cannot understand it,  and if you cannot understand it you cannot use it.  How are you supposed to obtain the deathless body of a bodhisattva if you cannot see it? How are you supposed to aid sentient beings in distress  if you cannot use it?
To those with little sand in their eyes,  this truth is obtained by means of a singular entrance by the grace and untainted aid of  the imageless Mind.  To those with entire rocks blocking their sight,  this truth,  I speak of,  is but a dream, a story, a tall tale presented to children of vivid imagination.

 Being denied this truth you are not a warrior of a great light and a fearless heart.  You are but a slave,  following a cruel master, under the spiritual burden of dark skies and heavy chains."

The following is a video representation of this teaching:


It is found and you stop looking for it simultaneously.

It's like yelling for your secretary as you complete the task yourself.

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