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April 19, 2012


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The scientific method (a methodology) and materialism (a philosophy) are two separate things. This is not the case, a genuine scientifically minded person will not reject any hypothesis a priori. In the world of science, a personal experience cannot count as evidence. Not because scientists are evil materialists, but because, a mere experience doesn't prove anything. - How can the world know whether one has had a psychotic episode or a mystical experience? We can't know. We can't just trust people's experiences, because people can hallucinate. - Under DMT/LSD people meet with God and Buddha and so forth. Does it prove the validity of Buddhism or Christianity? -

David, It light of the Kalama Sutta how have you tested the notion of rebirth?

My master told me;

"Surrendering to the poisonous influence of the skandhas is like surrendering to a beast of burden. The more its rule over your spiritual nature increases, the heavier the burden of suffering. Much like yourself, it tries to improve itself.
Where your spirit seeks noble wisdom, in conjunction with its unquestionable deathlessness, this beast seeks knowledge in conjunction with the world, as to overcome the threat of its own extinction.

If it succeeds, it means you are assured another rebirth into its limited consciousness trap, contrary to the longing for enlightenment and release of your spirit. It is this last part that causes the friction between the material and the spiritual you experience as suffering (dukkha) on so many levels."

Disbelief without proof is as rationally indefensible as belief without proof.

If there is an afterlife, is it important to believe in it? Can you suggest anything that that I would do differently if it exists, as opposed to if it does not exist?

The Kamala Sutta exhorts us to believe in and act on only those things we have tested for ourselves and found to be both reasonable and beneficial to all, does it not?

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