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April 19, 2012


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Brooks, this my help. It's from The Zennist blog: http://goo.gl/nhX6n

the last couple of posts really confuse me. could you define materialism as you see it?

I have been following the Zennist for a while now and it seems to me that a lot of the discussion revolves around the very questions about the nature of self and death that the Buddha avoided.

Did I hear somebody call for supersceptic? I was informed earlier by the cognoscenti on this blog that the Kalama Sutta did not count because the Buddha was just shooting the bull with some non-follower villagers [but I don't buy it]. Regarding your "other-worldly" experience...lots of garden variety hallucinations of various sorts have been masquerading as spiritual experiences for a very long time. I remember that the old-time mainlining strung-out speed freaks had a propensity to talk to Jesus. You gotta go with the most likely explanations until strong evidence mandates otherwise.

Kevin: How can the world know whether one has had a psychotic episode or a mystical experience?

Good question. Frederic Myers once said that modern thinkers know well that man can fall below himself; but that he can rise above himself they can believe no more.

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