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April 11, 2012


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'Empty theories' is what we call it when bystanders play around with terminology. Playing around like that is good for nothing. Dive in with body and soul!

You’ve got to die completely in order to be able to reflect on the buddha-dharma. It isn’t enough to torture yourself and only die halfway.

The buddha-dharma is nothing for spectators. It's about you.

Religion doesn't mean changing the world around myself. It means changing my eyes, my ears, my way of seeing and my head.

The buddha-dharma isn't a subject to be studied. The real question is: “What am I doing with my body?” The human body is set-up very practically. But what do we use this practical body for anyway? Usually, we use it as a slave to our illusions. The buddha-dharma means using the body in a way that doesn’t make it a slave of our illusions. That means putting body and mind in order.

The buddha-dharma isn't an idea. It's about the problem, 'How do I deal with myself?'


(Quote from 'To You' by Sawaki Kodo Roshi. Kodo Sawaki (沢木 興道 1880-1965) is considered by some to be the most important Japanese Zen master of the 20th century.)

In a concrete communal setting, you need to set some schedule for the residents. This has not much to do with Zen, but with the logic of a community. If many people practise together, you need some kind of structure. You can't have a community if everyone runs their own show.

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