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April 25, 2012


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By his writings The Zennist seems to be a liberal. Quoting from the Oxford English Dictionary a "liberal" is:

"Free from bigotry or unreasonable prejudice in favour of traditional opinions or established institutions; open to the reception of new ideas or proposals of reform."

zennist blogger is a socialist, you got THAT much right at least.

"what the Buddha actually taught as revealed by the canon". ?

Revealed? The Pali Canon tells us what the early traditions believed the Buddha said.. That's surely as far as we can go?

That's aside- I am not sure Dogen is such a villain- his work is more syncretic than he is given credit for, and he is familiar with a range of ideas. His followers on the other hand...

I think you watched too many Mexican soap-operas, Solon. You sound very confused.

(Twining mustache) Caramba, que diablos!

Solon: you can see the our ip-addresses? How in Brahmas name could you possible do THAT?! :P

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