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April 12, 2012


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(Also, with that post, to be true to what the contents of what I posted point to - I will leave this Blog and this comment section for good. It's been an interesting ride everyone! Godspeed you all.)

"I have never agreed with the advice that it is important to choose a good teacher and stick with that person." - Yet this was advised by many, including the Zen masters you praise on this blog.

"Certainly, there is no evidence in Zen that the Buddha transmitted sitting." - There is more evidence that the Buddha transmitted sitting meditation than the Buddha transmitting koans. -

Why attack shikantaza for not being traditional /canonical, but not use the same argument against koans, shouts, beatings?

We know the Buddha sat zazen when he realized Bodhi, but we don't know he used koans, hua tous, chanting, reading Buddhist sutras. I'm pretty sure Gautama didn't read even a single Buddhist sutra to get enligthened. But he did sit down, and for a long time!

Zen Master Dogen clearly said zazen has nothing to do with physical posture. His instruction was to "think of not-thinking" - which gives rise to beyond-thinking (or non-thinking).

Sitting for Master Dogen was a "realized koan" - unity of practice and realization.

' "all things are the form of truth" (Lotus Sutra) and "all existence is Buddha nature" (Nirvana Sutra) - they refer to that which lies beyond the personal '

In the words of Kodo Sawaki:

"The entire universe radiates the light of the self.
So I fill the entire universe."

When you practice Zen, it has to be here and now, it has to be about yourself. Don’t let Zen become a rumor that has nothing to do with you.

Zazen is the buddha that we form out of our raw flesh.

Zazen means putting into practice that which cannot be thought.

Zazen is the dharma-switch that turns on the whole universe.

Simply doing something [shikan] means doing it now, on the spot. It means not wasting the little time you have in life.

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