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March 28, 2012


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My master told me;

If you are here, in this Kondō (jap. sanctuary hall), where exactly does your nature begin and where does it end? Does it begin over there, in the garden and ends in here, right before this golden representation of our Lord, or does it begin here and ends somewhere outside ? Does it encompass the entire universe or does it fit on the top of this finger (raises finger)?

If you do not know the answer to these questions how will you know what and where your nature is after this body, you hold so dear, dies?

In the ultra reactive body of your temporarily released spirit, you will be absolutely defenseless against the Lord of Lies. The measure of your ignorance will be the measure of his power and your minds nature will be the reality upon which he will tempt, torture and force you back into a new and most uncertain existence."

Ahh. Dear old Bassui. Always a joy, always a light for those with little sand in their eyes. Reading him is like drinking a nice cup of green tea with water fetched directly from the auspicious well of imagelessness.

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