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March 19, 2012


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Some good points and some not so convincing. The palicanon is full of contradictions; most probably you can do without it when you read enough of the zen texts. Why the Lankavatara sutra (on which some adepts base their vegetarianism, i.e. an ideology) should be more important than others is not clear to me. And which one is equivalent to it? The Shurangama, the Kegon, the MPNS? Most of them have doubtable passages like the palicanon, in the Mayana it is more heavenly creatures, strange phenomena. As always, it depends what you make (and extract) from it and apply to your life. There is no perfect sutra.

A Zen story of a brave new world:

Daddy, are we living in the real world?

Yes son. This world is real.

But when people die, like uncle bob, where do they go?

They become unreal.


Because they are no more in this world where we can see them, touch them and talk to them.

Dad, you are so smart.

Yes son. And if you do your daily 20 minutes on that zafu, you too will become like me when you grow up. Perhaps eeven more real than I am today.

I'm curious of who I am too... :)

But I don't think that in general it takes a genious to see when someone is full of it.

Read a blog and it comments even a modest amount of time and the frequent visitors' typical features become quite clear.

Of course, online it's easy to portray yourself as a perfect spiritual being, when people can't see you as the human being you actually are.

JLF I'm curious about who you are... based on your comments we must have at least a little something in common...

Yeah, he can be funny too. So charming...

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