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March 18, 2012


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Kojizen: I cannot hear neither of those. I'm not enlightened, I'm a completely ordinary person. I'm also not a Soto Zen practitioner.

I don't contradict any of "The Zennist" views, except when he resorts to cheap tactics to attack Dogen. I know Hui Hai's quote was taken out of context, I wanted to show how that can be used to prove anything.

"Dogen" is not the problem. In Japan, Rinzai Zen has become a mechanical activity of passing one koan after another. People can misunderstand Rinzai or Dogen and can use either to make a cheap imitation of Zen.

Azanshi's doctrine however that "Dogen was planted by Mara" is just psychotic and deserves to be denounced.

HH, Zen or dhyana is not a sitting school but a meditation school (some even referred to it as the Buddha Mind School). Hui-hai says, more importantly, the root practice is accomplished by dhyâna (ch'an) and samâdhi (ting). To stress sitting the way Dogen does goes against the Buddha's teaching. It borders on heresy. I am sure Dogen has his supporters - but they err greatly. By the way, can you hear a lion's roar in your own skull? Or can you hear the sound of the Buddha's deathless drum? How will physical sitting help you to answer these questions?

Your post doesn't convey anything of value, "Azanshi". You arbitrarily decide all Soto Zen followers believe they are Buddhas and that Buddhism is only "sitting on your ass" - and then proceed to attack the straw man. Your style is very similar to Zenmar's (in fact you sound like a slightly more arrogant/angry parrot of his)

You completely missed my point. Where Zenmar doesn't understand Dogen (or, what is more likely: purposely misunderstands) is where he chooses some arbitrary passages and understands them literally

It's easy to pick random passages, read them literally, and then attack. For instance, in "Zen teaching of instantaneous awakening" by Hui Hai, we read that the root-practice can be realized "ONLY through sitting in meditation" -

While in Zenmar's case I think he misunderstands Dogen on purpose (to get more people to the blog like he said with his alter ego Kojizen) - in your case, I think you're just too dense to understand him. The Shobogenzo isn't as easy as most Zen literature. It's the ultimate in terms of how advanced it is.

You can try to read this: http://www.thezensite.com/ZenTeachings/Dogen_Teachings/TheDragonHowl.htm

It will help you realize where your true place is before you badmouth great Japanese Zen masters.


Azanshi, you are nothing but a dangerous sociopath, feeding your superstitious poison to your feeble-minded "followers". Pray you haven't led them too far astray.

Anyway, may you be happy. In another lifetime maybe.

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