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February 02, 2012


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since im a ham radio operator and know a massive ton about radios, ...to further your analogy you forgot a KEY point in the radio (psychophysical) / signal (consciousness)system.

radios only work in attenuating/tuning into a signal (in this analogy a harmonia, i.e. consciousness) ... A SIGNAL or radio wave is NOT A THING,...as a few physicists have pointed out there are NO SUCH things as waves, waves are a function of X (EM 'energy'). To wit, the principle OF a wave (radio wave/consciousness) CANNOT ever be 'tuned into' without there being waves/attenuation (in the case of citta, the attenuation is literally avijja, its own inchoate wavefront).

Very very important to realize this fact. NO SUCH things as waves, which radios 'tune' into to cause 'life' or the speaker to start squawking. Radios tune various wavefronts, or attributions, but that attribution of the body isnt the 'mind' (=citta) but rather coordinate (=attenuated) consciousness (vinnana).

Radios DONT tune EM-E (em energy), they tune (into) wavefronts.

But would you not also say that a far better place to start looking is the exact nature of phenomena (3 characteristics) and to see it very clearly, rather than start to look for some abstract idea of a true self?

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