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February 23, 2012


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Are you then a Master Mason? Where were you prepared to be made a Master Mason?

My master told me;

"Those denying the true self are not liberated. If they make such preposterous claims, they are liars because they have not tasted the crystal clear dewdrops of nirvana, the luminous body of the Uncreated Mind. They should be viewed as simple minded emissaries of the evil one that keeps regenerating their divided minds in a myriad permutations of desire and self-ignorance, making them believe one permutation to be less or more valuable than the other."

The Buddhist sects which deny The Self claim the Buddha as their originator and your personal favourite,Dogen,claims the Buddha as the first practitioner of shikantaza.I think you're trying to start an argument :-).

If I understand correctly, you understand "mason" to be similar to "bodhisattva"?

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