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February 08, 2012


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Actually, I'd rather have Sufis and a modest number of Muslims far from the reins of political power in the US (and around me) than powerful neocon dual loyalist Jews who were, for example, key in driving the US into war with Iraq based on lies and are now bent on fomenting war with Iran.

There is little place for gratuitous Islamophobia in presenting early Buddhism.

Apart from that, Evola was not per se a biological racist, nor a fascist and the swastika well predates 20 Century political movements.

Thanks for the PDF.

well, i love the jews, and utterly hate fascism, and have said as much often, as such, ill let the rest fall where it may.

I know evola said a lot of smack against the jews, but so what, im not interested in what he said about that.

As for the jews, id rather have a MILLION of them around me than even one muslim, so.

you should download THE WAYFARERS WORDS in 3 Volumes i just put up!


570Megabytes. zennist blogger sent me those book 10 years ago to scan in, ...great set. 1st time online ever!

Java Junkie ... those videos are great! perhaps if you removed the picture of the racist/fascist Evola from your page, and if you stopped calling yourself "Nordic Aryan" (the connotations to Nazism are strong there ...) it would help your pursuit of spreading the authentic Dharma. Just my 2 cents.

I just uploaded video of myself discussing buddhism with 4 more videos to upload tomorrow, come see my ugly face and bad speechmaking



Enjoyed your video. Many moons ago I ordered the Buddhist Compendium from you--unfortunately, for some reason your disk does not function in my upgraded machine (Vista)--don't know why...

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