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February 28, 2012


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Access to Insight leaves out another very important Sutta in the Radhasamyutta. It is the Mara Sutta (SN 23.1, S.iii.189). The Zennist mentions it several times. The Sutta puts into question the self-is-bad theory. We learn, instead, the 5 aggregates are the bad boys. They belong to Mara the evil dude. The Buddha is saying that our self (attâ) transcends Mara's aggregates.

Once again, I point out that Thanissaro Bikkhu's translation of the Samyutta Nikaya online simply skips this section 45 that you are always quoting, as follows in the Table of Contents; there is a jump from Section S. iii 42 to Section S, iii 47. What is going on?:

SN 22.43: Attadiipaa Sutta — An Island to Oneself {S iii 42; CDB i 882} [Walshe].
Presaging the famous words he would utter in his final days, the Buddha elaborates on his advice to "be an island unto yourself."

SN 22.47: Samanupassana Sutta/Samanupassanaa Sutta — Assumptions/Ways of Regarding {S iii 46; CDB i 885} [Thanissaro | Walshe].
The Buddha speaks on the assumptions that underlie self-view.

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