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February 12, 2012


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Perhaps the difference between Gautama and Dogen is Dogen believes we don't have to do anything except 'just sit' (shikantaza). That, of couse, is not what Gautama taught.

Why is the Buddha's teaching considered a final reference point? Surely, we must consider his teaching, just like Dogen's. Perhaps, the Buddha's teaching was better and based on less of a narrative than Dogen's. What we can try to ensure is that our enquiry is honest. How can we know the shikantazis are enquiring honestly or not? "Soto Zen misses the boat". Where is the boat?

Shitgettingold, I'd say this is the best post on Dogen yet. - It goes to "the very heart" of the matter. - And since so many follow or are tempted to follow the shikantaza Zen, it's an important topic to address. -


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