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February 26, 2012


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Reading your nice article, slightly stained with that acerbic wit I so appreciate, our dear genious Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe comes to thought;

"The world is for thousands a freak show; the images flicker past and vanish"

In this day of complete information overload, imagery in its many various forms has almost become an incurable sickness inevitably leading to complete narcotic shock of the unenlightened mind.

The dharma is not easily found nor digested by such a confused and spiritually lost crowd. It would be like sending a subtle signal of the dharma drowned in the white noice from billions of other crap channels transmitting at the same time, hoping the receiver would tune it in perfectly. What are the odds?

"The Buddha was certainly not into self-help psychology either; not the way Buddhists are today. "

I think the difference is that today some people mistakenly think that the "psychological" aspects are the real thing ... but the Buddha helped many , the Tathagata taught different things to different audiences so he even spoke about such things as what constitutes a good wife in the suttas. - It is just that he understood everything to be a pyramid upward going structure from the common folk to the spiritual ones and he taught appropriately ... while some misunderstand his "lower" teachings to be the ultimate thing. I think this is the problem. - But also trying to deny the "realtive", "lower" teachings is wrong. It is just like this: everything has its place.

For instance: I have my place, too. So I know I'm just a beginner in Zen and make little comments here without thinking I know anything. And so I warn others and say: I'm not an authority, I just write a little comment.

If everything and everyone knew its place, wouldn't that be good? Heaven on Earth I Tell ya!

thanks the Zennist for another excellent article

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