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February 06, 2012


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An immortal soul in a nutshell? Compassionate, too.

What a nice dream. It would be a rude awakening to wake up from *that*.


Be grateful Master Lin-chi is not near enough to strike you with a hoe. If you find the Buddha to be inside or outside the bag, kill him. He is not the Buddha.

jerry seinfeld did a bit on same that is the best saying:

"If our body was a model and make of car, NOBODY on earth would buy the damn thing, ..wed all be like 'this piece of shit needs daily maintenance, constant cleaning cause its dirty on a daily basis, and hell, you have to fill up the tank on it three times a day,...that makes even the Hummer look like a Toyota hybrid Prius by comparison in MPG...Im not gonna buy that worthless damn 'car'!"

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