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January 26, 2012


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Plz tell us, Junkie!

pardon me son, bud dhammmacakhu does NOT mean "dharma eye", rather is an oblique metaphysical term in the Pali which MEANS "spiritual insight/vision"

i.e. as meant = "is a metaphysician/philosopher (in the true sense)"

just correcting another pathetic and tiredass mistranslations from the Pali

I bet youd LOVE to know what the pali translated as "wheel turner" REALLY says/means in the original Pali.

Good information. Very impactful.

My master told me:

"What obstructs spiritual skill? The five senses disturbs spiritual skill. Were it not for their interfering veil,the dharma eye in the student would blossom and show far more than ever imagined.

Above all the arising of prajna would take place and gently lead the awakened spirit, to the other shore of the Buddhas. With such a marvellous vantage point, what birth and what death would there be to speak of?"

honestly 'bro', tell me youre doing this zen crud as a sideline giggle?

Surely you arent focused like a laser on this Orientalism?

Tell me for jumped-up-Jesus' sake that you're secretly pissing time by importantly reading some stuff on Monism/Neoplatonism etc.

I say boy, I, I, say it aint so that youre hearin' me boy...stop waistin' yer' time on this Orientalism half-breed bastard child of European-sourced Monism

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