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January 12, 2012


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Java Junkie is probably posting from a psychiatric ward.

brain fart on you ole boy

there is no "middle path" in sutta, it speaks of going to/synthesis with the majjha, ie the atman, the axle, the core, the nave upon which all else is "in samsara and bound to antinomies life/death etc"

Also buddha in sutta is not a "wheel turner",....the pali says "is THAT which turns the wheel", ie the Axle, ie the Absolute/Agathon

silly buddhistz gots it all wrongz

K Grey, what are you talking about?

Avoidance of this sort, is itself a form of conceptual choice. Just more attachment.

Yes, clearly attachment to a position, or to emptiness, is the same error. Same delusion. Funny though you do not also note that avoidance is that same error taking another direction.

The path is not one of avoidance, but of cessation. The falling away of both grasping and rejecting. A simple recognition of suchness. An effortless aspect of realization.

Perhaps your expression is just a metered teaching approach. Not for me to say. Just offering a mirror for the pointer to point at...

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