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January 10, 2012


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Sansiddah the scientific method doesn't so much "discover truth" using empirical evidence as it systematically tests and discards proven-false hypotheses. Not worth arguing about for very long.

The post from February 24, 2009, "I'm in my head", which I just happened to read, is a very interesting discussion of this issue of Mind and individual consciousness.

It has certainly occurred to me to wonder whether Buddhists concluded that everything was Mind way back in the past because the complexities of the functioning of the human brain were beyond folks' suspicions back then. And please, don't give me some of your easily doled out scorn for wondering this - it is an obvious question that arises when one studies Buddhist "psychology". To say that everything is Mind...what does it mean? Is it the same thing as the individual, personal mind? Are the Buddhists saying that it is the same "sense of identity", only that sense has been confusedly applied to one's individual body, when the real "identity" is literally everything, one thing and all beings? I have a hard time saying why I think this, but I believe that the Buddhist view of "Mind only" is not susceptible of proof that would be recognized as scientific, and weirdly enough, it can't be satisfactorily explained except in very very abstract way, because of the inherently dualistic nature of language. I get the idea that some of what Wittgenstein said about language and philosophy deals with this precise problem.

Bruce, can you provide evidence that providing empirical evidence is the best way to discover truth? Can you prove with the scientific method the scientific method itself? On what is it grounded? What if truth is only reachable through introspection? Then science will always remain in obscurity, chasing tails.

As I recall from reading an autobiography, HHDL has been interested in science since he was a kid. He is doing the right things for the world in several spheres and we are very fortunate to have him. By the way, science hasn't been "western" for some time. That it is truly global is evident from a list of Nobel Prize winners http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nobel_laureates_by_country.

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