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December 11, 2011


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pardon you, my wack-a-doodle son, but 2 of my friends are jews.

I love the Jews....

If the jews decided to nuke all the muslims and roll their tanks into their lands,...

I would be the FIRST PERSON to volunteer myself to help them in so doing.

Aryan does not = Racist/Nazi, my mental midget child.

lux et veritas

Junkie, when are you going to come to the "there never was a holocaust" -part. I'm sure everybody here's waiting for it as eagerly as I am.

by the way, having read ALL of Teslas works, he concludes in breif, that magnetism is in reality bipolar (N/S) gravitational wavefronts

Who/why give a shit about magnetism? because the person who really grasps what a magnetic field 'is', grasps the entire nature of the cosmos, of the Absolute/the One.

ALL people who think highly of professors etc, ie the 'intelligencia', WATCH THIS VIDEO, this is the modern day so called "guru" on magnetism...


Feynman is a TOTAL F-ING moron, it amazes me that people continue to praise this GD moron. He squirms and wiggles like a worm on a hotplate when trying to explain "action at a distance" ie magnetism, the only person who REALLY knew that answer was Tesla, and he didnt explain it very well

It amazes people (I am the 'magnet man') when i tell them NOBODY ON EARTH knows the nature of magnetism/action at a distance AAD

QED strange theory of light and matter (by Feynman himself) on magnetism doesnt explain a GD thing, his best BS qaucka-doodle explaination is "virtual photons" pathetic horsecrap.

Its more plausable to say tiny invisible birds attract/repel

FEYNMAN is a total GD moron, hes a pontificator, a conjecture-ruminator, at best he is a linear thinking dipshayt product of colleges, ie educated morons.

there is NO MORE PERFECT EXAMPLE of idiot-scum-professor pseudo-intellectual trash than this video... make sure you watch his body language when he squirmmmmmms and wriths and wiggles and twitches (= unintelligent DUMB-ASSSSS)

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