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December 26, 2011


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ive waited 10 F-ing years for this book to be translated into English (and i CANNOT find even a GREEK copy of it)

buy this book, or go jump off a cliff, read the contents , OMFG



Great point. My only doubt is this: "Compassionate capitalism" - isn't "capitalism" inherently flawed? This is something we should ask, too.

We need the spirit of "sessa-takuma" (切磋琢磨), competition for the only sake of improving things, not for accumulating more.

Accumulation and private property will always lead to what is in place now. What we need is democracy through and through.

Currently, we only have political democracy. But corporations are hierarchically ordered, they're like "Stalinist states", as Chomsky put it.

Democracy through and through would mean that even the means of production would be democratically controlled. In other words, even "corporations" should be democratic entities.

The deep meaning of democracy is that what we ALL share comes before our specific differences. The Universal in the human being is more important than the Particular. This is, I think, a political order that would be also in line with the Buddha-Dharma.

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