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December 20, 2011


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"When it comes to the Zen transmission it is really the transmission of the father's legacy to the son in a Confucian sense."

I'm not sure here if you mean Zen generically or Japanese Zen specifically which has the literal father-son examples more than anywhere else. Passing the temple from father to son is to me definitely a problem, but passing the transmission from teacher to disciple should not be confused with passing a temple. The transmission from teacher to disciple began in India and was even discussed at the time in relation to the teachers of Asoka and how Asoka's teachers received transmission through either Upali or Ananda.

The social relationships of monks came from the Indian vinaya and was only adapted to Confucian contexts, not created from them. The strict senority of monks is a good example of what came from Indian Buddhism that fit neatly into the Confucian filial piety structure.

For gawds sake you crusty old dude, just say what 'is'

A: gotama was a subpar teacher with almost NO philosophical lexicon to his brainpan to voice the metaphysics of ontological mechanics. Period.

B: Buddhism was sce-rewed about 1500 years ago.

C: trying to breath (hah!, breath, animus ATMAN(atmo-sphere/breath) life into the DEAD CORPSE of zen is like giving CPR to Sir Newtons bones/dust.

I sayeth, pisseth on buddhism and its bastard retard child zen.

Praise the gods, praise wisdom, praise the Absolute, but wisdom above else,...for wisdom and the Absolute and the Self are but 1 'thing'. - said by me.

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