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December 19, 2011


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The problem, my little mental midget, CANNOT BE SEEN, namely avijja/agnosis/avidya

Why? It is a privation, it has NO LOCUS, neither topographically existentially or ontologically

Cant "see the problem"? you NEVER will, nor will the wisest of men. Comprehension of the attribute of Selfhood/the-Absolute i.e. itself towards other, i.e. avijja is transcendentally comprehended and transgressed via negativa(ly) or assimilatively via epistrophic/samadhi 'encounters'

Mushryoblahblah, Soto Zennists can worship Dogen all they want they will never understand what the Buddha taught. If I had to choose between who is the wiser and more coherent - and closer to the Buddha's Mahayana teachings it would be Ejo and Keizan.

And yet you seem to believe that Ejo was stating something essentially different from Dogen. The difference lies only in their choice of words.

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