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December 13, 2011


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sitting here on my macbook at starbucks in south beach Miami (hell, its 79 now past dusk)...

I assume you could have just said "nothing popular is true, and nothing true is popular"

pithy art thou? Maybe, but yer no Plotinus/Coomaraswamy

Now, write an article about "wal mart buddhism", and how the lowest common denominator occupies such places (redneck scum, trash etc), and how religion, all of them, are just walmart pseudo-metaphysics.

Rather said, actually, all religion is "secularized metaphysics and most often literalized"

Hey Mumon your website is offering me to meet beautiful Asian ladies and to donate money to you, those are the first things I see ... how's the Dharma business going for you? Considering you're hosting it for free on Blogspot and all.

Yes, Neapolitan pizza - it's almost as good as New York pizza. But not quite.

we approve this message. Great post! Come try the depth of our pizza.

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