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December 06, 2011


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I'm with JJ, the "West" is a perfect place for Buddhism to reinvent itself

the 'east' (india/china/SE Asia) are very rapidly becoming HIGHLY materialistic and its spiritualistic attribute is almost dead

whereas the 'west' (USA) is ever the more leaning VERY much so in general towards metaphysical, paranormal, and ontological inquiry, having already passed thru the lens of pure unbridled materialism to the extreme.

In so concluding this fact, your anti-west rant contains more cowshyat than a slaughterhouse full of heffers.

(Kant thought we cannot penetrate into the Thing-in-itself. Hegel, after him, identified the "Thing-in-itself" (the Thing outside of out thoughts) with (pure) Mind or Self, thus, doing something close to the Advaita "tat tvam asi": the Thing-in-itself is the Mind/Self. - Interestingly enough, Hegel called the absolute substance "Geist" - cf. your last post. - And Hegel, too, was against scientism. Continental philosophers were always defenders of Gnosis against the Anglo-American materialism, scientism. We shouldn't forget "Western" really means just the dominance of Anglo-Americanism, the English spirit of practicality, averageness, common sense. - The more spiritual Germans always felt an antipathy to the Anglo-American spirit. But in these days the Anglo-Saxon poison is spread all over the Earth, the English pragmatism, the lowest form of philosophy, is completely dominant. Dawkins & Hitchens operate on such a low level of thinking that really the only audience for that kind of literature are high school kids rebelling against their Catholic parents. -)

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