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December 05, 2011


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citta is consciousness, but only differs in said state as a coordinate modality or attributive reflection thereof.

Vinnana in pali is meant literally vi+nana(citta/nous), or reflection/modality/coordinate/temporal/miragesque

In technical metaphore, citta is the hertzian wavefront (incoherrent), and vinnana is the modulated coordinate (as meant radio reciever modulated/receptical).

...in same fashion, the vimuttacitta is the non-hertzian unmodulated principle of the former wavefront.

....in taking said metaphor further, an unmodulated 'wavefront' cannot be measured or coordinated or observed by any means.... to which the ancient pali which goes "for him so liberated of citta, mara cannot find him hither or thither"....the metaphysics and quanta symbolism are syncronicitous.

Western Buddhism = hippie 'religion' of Niceness:


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