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December 15, 2011


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My master told me;

"Following the Buddha, aspiring with all your might and soul to become a Buddha, means, that on the long run, you can't loose because you join the ranks of non-returners, bodhisattvas and Buddhas. Following anything lesser, like me or similar apparitions, makes you into a mere parrot of little wisdom and no power to break the chains of samsara, which essentially makes you a spiritual looser on the long run."

So where in the Dhammapada are koans mentioned?

OK I see what you are saying. But you don't see any benefit of shikantaza in nurturing the development of awareness of interpenetrating nonduality?

David Ashton, It is easy to reject the Buddha's teachings for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, is easy to accept the Buddha's teachings for a number of reasons and eventually come to the same gnosis that he did. Where I have the problem is with those who claim to be Buddhists but reject various elements of the Buddha's teaching the way Stephen Batchelor has done. Turning to Zen, koans might be more effective than zazen. Zazen, pretty much, is a waste of time as a means by which to enter the gateless gate.

So assuming I am an ordinary human, does this not mean that I should heed the Buddha's admonition and test the truth of the Dhammapada for myself, rather than use it as a collection of fundamental principles upon which to build logical arguments and draw conclusions?

If those who have yet to verify the Buddha's teachings for themselves are advised not to accept words at face value, they should not simply accept your reasoning or anyone else's.

On the question of Zen practice, is it not true that if awakening can be considered an "accident", then zazen and koan introspection tends to make us more "accident prone".

If not, is there a practice that you recommend as being more likely to be effective?

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