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December 12, 2011


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George Bush got elected f'ing president, refute that math genius

i suspected bob morris was the zennist blogger in disguise

his fave game is pretending to be 180 degrees himself and posting as a counterfeit self

That "crackpot" was hired to the HIGHEST posts at AMD and INTEL

try refuting the math.

Junkman - Gaede is just another self-absorbed crackpot...much like you, come to think of it.

zennist author and others will like this guy


Make sure you see his wikipedia page, AND the very long video about him that CBS did, and his secret work inside AMD and INTEL

His writing against the "pseudo new-religion of scientism" is DEAD ON, and will be beloved by zennist blogger.

My dear heavens, read his wikipedia page, the guy is not only a Genius but had a life that would make the top secret stuff of James Bond seem to be Pussy-ish by comparison.

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