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December 08, 2011


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So if what I see is mediated by my eyes and occipital cortex; what I hear is mediated by my ears and temporal cortex; what I smell by my olfactory lobe, what I taste and touch by my sensory cortex; what I feel by my subcortical brain structures; what I think of by my parietal and frontal lobes, what I am aware of by my thalamocortical networks; then what's left when it all dies? If "who we are" is not sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, thinking or feeling, then what is it? What does the Heart Sutra tell us?

So in emptiness no form,
no feeling, thought, or choice,
nor is there consciousness.
No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind,
no color, sound, smell, taste, touch,
or what the mind takes hold of,
nor even act of sensing.

You guys have confused by illusions like this http://www.nature.com/news/out-of-body-experience-master-of-illusion-1.9569

Bob, to say that you have dogshit for brains is a titanic understatement.

Matter is no more self-aware/alive/conscious than there are little people IN the TV set, nor is the radio enspooked/haunted.

The coordination of the inchoate will/nous/citta/spirit with matter has resultantly no ultimate statement in conclusion UPON or ABOUT matter/hyle itself, rather that said X (persona non grata, person, existential being) is alive, nor is X being illuminated a statement about or upon LIGHT intrinsically when speaking of X being illuminated.

As for 'empty space', my little mental midget, such term is a disproven convention only used by the mental pedestrians such as yourself....empty space was disproved as far back as Pythagoras, plato, and in depth by Plotinus, ages ago.

A topos, or coordinate in magnitudinal relation, ie spacetime, as referrant to matter, which itself is merely the byproduct wavefront equivalency of emanation itself, has no relation other than magnitudes to other magnitudes. 2D and 3D magnitudes cannot backwards relate OR comment upon 0D ontological subjects such as mind/spirit/nous/citta which in their incoherent states (as meant = avijja) are omnidirectionally magnified (=coordinated) and falsely conjectured to be topographical, or implied 'in and of spacetime/matter/magnitude'

Or in terms a dolt like you might grasp, 'wise up fool'

I made my living in Materials Science (Metallurgy, Ceramics, Polymers, etc) so please think of me as an unapologetic "Materialist." That "Material" stuff that Zennist is always jousting with is just evolving "big bang dust" ... quarks, gluons, photons, etc sequentially organized into protons and neutrons, hydrogen, carbon, iron, molecules, us, etc.. The stuff is basically empty space and its apparent solidity is an illusion. Odd thing is that this stuff is intrinsically self-aware. (I.e., Matter=Mind.) How mystical can you get?? http://www.livescience.com/17348-big-eyes-marine-predator.html

In the past, they had phrenology, a "science" they thought you could tell about a person's mind by looking at the shape of the skull. The German philosopher Hegel made fun of them, and sarcastically remarked how they claim "Spirit is a bone". - Nowadays neuroscience will be perhaps one day regarded as similarly pseudo as we see phrenology today.

To me, this can be dealt with on a completely logical level. The "brain people" claim reality is structured BY the brain. But the object called "brain" also appears WITHIN the structured reality. So, the "brain" is both the structured (object), and the structuring (subject)? It's not hard to see how this is contradictory.

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