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December 22, 2011


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you create an enemy out of religion, then you have lost sight of your own peace.

just because a belief is flawed, does not mean that it needs to be bashed and criticized until someone "opens" their eyes and changes their ways.

i strongly think that all belief systems are flawed, including Buddhist beliefs... i mean, why else would there be so many different sects?

furthermore, how can you guys say you come from a place of love and compassion, when you call other people fuckers and cockroaches just because you dont see eye to eye on certain things?

Any way, merry Christmas from me too all of Zennist community.

creationists are far worse than cockroaches, a cockroach only eats foodscraps and craps your kitchen..

a creationist spreads the mind disease that the ontological Absolute is some crusty old fucker in the sky waiting to shove a lightning bolt up your ass and send your a to a pit of fire ruled by an angel of his own creation.

F creationism, right in the A.

Touche, Solon! You certainly put all of us Abrahamic godfreaks, cockroaches, and creeps in our place. Thank you for the well reasoned and thoughtful reply. I can see you are a true follower of the Noble Eightfold Path and a sincere devotee of the Mahayana teachings of Wisdom and Compassion.

Somehow I doubt that complete inability to even leave room for the possibility of ever being wrong is a very strong sign of "supreme wisdom".

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