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November 30, 2011


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Guru Steve, The Buddha made assertions all the time. E.g., the finite pscyho-physical body (pañcaskandha) is not the atman; nibbana is increate, and immortal, etc. These terms fall into the general category of ontology certainly not materialism. What the Buddha did that was remarkable is he directly cognized the absolute substance from which all things are composed. He didn't speculate about it as Westerners are wont to do. Nor did he try to measure it which is what scientism seems to be about.

Ha ha - IMO - it speaks volumes that you quote mind only BS from Suzuki and Cherry Pick scientists to support your Quantum Mysticism. Listen - believe what you want if it makes you feel good - this is how religionists like yourself SELL Buddhism - hero worshipping the patriarchs and the man himself but know this - your hard, embodied cognition nonsense is NOT What The Buddha Taught! Your missing the point - he made NO assertions - he was VERY skeptical of any ontological project which is not the same as explicity asserting something like anti-materialism like you are doing here. It is just TOO easy to get nihilistic about abstract, objective reality. Our best science and maths is pretty good at predicting how the universe works and even the more exotic meditation methods are have an empirical flavor. Try some commentary more in the Madhayamaka vein to see how it tastes - or better still read the Suttras in the Theravadin Pali Canon or Abhidharma before you try philosophy again - and although you will undoubtedly get upset by the rigor of the logic - at least it will get you out of this rabbit hole your in right now. Here is your starter: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/twotruths-india/

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