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November 20, 2011


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Bob Morris, Is the Buddha being fairly circumspect? It depends what you mean by the word circumspect. The definition should not lead us to believe the Buddha does not know what happens after death.

"Therefore, with the breakup of the body, the fool fares on to [another] body. Faring on to [another] body, he is not freed from birth, aging, and death; freed from sorrow, lamentation, pain, displeasure, and despair, freed from suffering I say." - SN 2:24

The Buddha speaking in the Kalama Sutta is fairly circumspect on the old life-after-death question. Zennist knows more?

Anybody here into crop circles? (cough)

I think The Zennist would say that Buddhism is in no danger from those who believe in an afterlife, UFOs, etc. Instead, the real danger is from the Soto Zen phenomenalists and Buddhist materialists.

I communicated with the dead. They told me how they do it, how they fool the living into believing there is an afterlife. Then I asked them how much money I have in my pocket. The got confused and vanished. I saw that they were empty and creations of my own mind.

Well, all the good work that Dark Zen is doing is destroyed by that nonsense film.

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