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November 16, 2011


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"The first reliance with regard to a worthy person is rely on the teaching (dharma) not the worthy person who is teaching.

The second reliance is rely on the spirit not the letter of the teaching."

(on the Four Reliances, taken from a 2009 Blog of "The Zennist")

Azanshi “the pretentious, narcissistic” one…

Your condemning tone is becoming very old and passé…

The supposedly “enlightened one” who incessantly goes around bullying and pointing out the inadequacies that he is afraid to face in himself is a blind fool indeed. Apart from your former glories of yesteryear, you are a lame Gulliver hopelessly tied down by a soiled ego run amok with delusions of grandeur. Most sad indeed...what a waste of a former "giant".

Thanks Kojizen for the recommendation; useful, as I'm currently writing on Heidegger (in Slovenian).

Azanshi, I wasn't describing the sun. My point was that it's no use describing the sun anyway. One has to open their eyes and see for himself. I think Heidegger makes a good point why the "sun" shouldn't be described (definition is de-finition, it limits, - the sun) in terms of "being" (metaphysics) some specific (even transcendent) being (onto-theo-logy); but that instead, one should just get ready for the Event of seeing the Sun. There's no need to describe it beyond that, since words are unable to capture it, as good Zennists including "The Zennist" constantly tell us.

So, even though the Event might still not have occurred in this specific subjective lifeform you call "the immature one", it's really irrelevant to what I was saying.

I'll paraphrase the good advice you gave me once:

Listen to what is being said, not who is saying it.

Sansiddhah "the immature" wrote;

"What this means is it's not about defining the "substance" in this or that terms; but - as Western philosopher Heidegger perfectly understood, hence he is respected and praised by Japanese scholars and Buddhists as a great inspirations

A blind man, however well educated, however well spoken or eloquent, should not try to describe the sun to a seeing man. You are only making a fool of yourself. Perhaps you should go and enlighten yourself before you "open your mouth" next time, trying to ride on the shoulders of spiritual giants as support of your own inadequate accomplishments in matters of spirit.

I think where The Zennist is coming from with regard to the "West" is the physical sciences seem to have become the new Holy See of the West. However, as most of us know, the ground upon which the physical sciences is based is non-physical! At best, the physical sciences provide us with many useful fictions - never truth. By the way, a good book that takes up Heidegger's thought is Caputo's _The mystical element in Heidegger's thought_ (gotta love Caputo).

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