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November 17, 2011


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Sansiddhah, The Zennist has been very positive. Have you read The Zennist's blog when it talks about Bishop Nippo Shaku? Start with this one: http://goo.gl/avVLI

Taking psychedelic substances is a great first step for many, and more efficacious than years of Zazen. However for the unprepared untamed minds that aren't ready for the ontological explosion that is LSD (& DMT), it's better not to be taken. Many people come to Buddhism from psychedelic experiences (the percentage is high, it surprises me). I remember my first time I've taken LSD, the first thing I uttered to my friend was: "There is no trip. There is no LSD. It's all true. It's all mind. There are no "chemicals"; it's all mind-stuff. What triggered this experience wasn't a chemical affecting my brain, but mind-stuff affecting mind-stuff."

Then I got into heights; there were no people anymore, no persons, no masters, no ignorant, no enlightened ones. Only mind-stuff; an impossible object transmuting itself and creating the ten thousand things with its own self-dribbling, self-transforming playfulness.

Heraclitus said that "Eternity is a child moving counters in a game; the kingly power is a child's." - Indeed the "God" I saw was a child playing games.

Of course this is all fantasy and LSD is just a dream. But the experience is life-changing anyway, because one sees that there is no fundamental difference between the mindgame-dreamlike reality called LSD or "real life" - and they're all fundamentally the same. The waking life is a dream inside a dream, and Chuang Tzu is really just a butterfly in a dreamstate.

Only slaves follow rules and precepts blindly, the letter, and think the precept against intoxication bars one from experimenting through psychedelics. The Buddha himself experimented with various methods before getting enlightened, like extreme fasting. Extreme fasting induces special states of consciousness - chemical - that are hallucinogenic. Proven scientific fact.

"The Zennist" uses an apophantic method to tell us how we can NOT begin to behold Mind (not zazen, not Dharma centers, not ...) but rarely does he say how we can make a radical new step to the right direction, he says "read the Sutras" sometimes, but as many Zen masters of the past reminded us, those dead letters can't do anything if they're not put into practice. One can repeat "form is emptiness" like a monkey or a parrot all their life.

My personal advice to newcomers is simple, 100% controversial and against all schools of Buddhism probably: take LSD or DMT or psilocin/psilocybin. You can't get more "cataphatic" than by suggesting chemicals, can you.

But don't believe me, listen to a "lineaged" Rinzai Zen teacher with all the beaurocracy in place (Dharma papers and all), - who directly states LSD is the most powerful spiritual experience:


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