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November 21, 2011


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You raise some salient points about belief; am reminded of Eric Hoffer’s classic text, “The True Believer”, wherein from a psychological and sociological perspective he elucidates in fine fashion the dangers in becoming “hooked” to extreme belief patterns that is reflective of movements like Nazism. Also like your “balanced” insight here, that it was a form of belief that pointed you in the right direction to the essence of pure mind. I gather in light of this insightful essay that the nature of belief is twofold: it can free one from former entrenched “belief systems”, while at the same time in can open up the very gates of hell.

Many "sanghas" are personality cults. That kind of belief - in a person - isn't worth more than pigeon shit.

That's why Western science should become a model for Buddhism. Not for its content (materialism), but for the way it is conducted. Not as a personality cult, but as experimentation, observation, study, that is indifferent to who says what, but only cares about "what is said".

The Zennist explains us perfectly why the belief in the teaching is necessary with the good scientific analogy (Cancer Research)

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