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October 27, 2011


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Clyde, I guess the simplistic Dogen view is: sitting (坐) = anuttara-samyak-sambodhi! :D


In describing his Noble Search ( http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.026.than.html ), the Buddha said, “So I sat down right there, thinking, 'This is just right for exertion.'”

While sitting isn’t required, it is “just right for exertion.”

Clyde...clyde...This is your daddy speaking. As I have recently self-awakened I discovered that what awoke could not sit much less walk. Clyde..clyde, please explain this positionless dilemma. If you fail, your poor father will be laughed at in his next Bodhisattva convention and even risk loosing his membership in Tushita heaven.

“We need to keep in [mind?] the Buddha was self awakened” as he sat in meditation.

This article is one of the best of Zennists lately ... it condenses this blog's central message in one post.

I'm speechless ... this post gives the "Zen seeker" all the orientation that is needed... if only the seeker would find this before all the popular "Zen books" that will indoctrinate him into pious "Zen" ...

but I think one must first go into pop Zen and find disappointment there and only from that desperation of not achieving a single thing ... then finding something like this

but there are people who actually can convince themselves for all their lives that ritualized pious liturgic Zen is the true gateless gate of the old masters ... robes, dharma papers, "lineage" ... children's toys.

someone who truly understands what Zen is about would wipe his ass with dharma papers. they're worth less than used toilet paper

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