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October 19, 2011


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Recently was invited back, too. It sounded more like "You can post now" (which I couldn't do for months, the reason is given somewhere on my blog). I considered it some default error of their mail system and ignored it.

For me it has become simple over the years to see who I am dealing with. As a rule, forums in which teachers or moderators detect that you might be awakened or more advanced than them, will exclude you as soon as possible. In current Buddhism in the west, the awakened person is indeed feared. People rather fall for the fakes. I wish Woody Allen would turn to Buddhism and make a movie out of it, at times this phenomena can be quite entertaining.

I'm with ya, ZFI is full of sh*t.

A little more hammer might do this blog some justice. It swings an incredibly weak hammer.


"being a superior smug amoral Ahole of the highest order, im far and away the most wise (henosis) and intelligent (episteme)"

Son, reading your crap is sometimes a real entertainment. It keeps my faith in the utter stupidity of the human animal. For me to call you a redneck dumber than a bag of hammers would be an insult to the preeminent practicality of hammers. Further on, seeing you completely massacring ancient greek, and still claiming a smudge of intellect, is as amusing as hearing the latest news; "Hear ye Hear ye, a village somewhere is missing their idiot!"

Son, your head is so far up your rear, the lack of oxygen is affecting your thinking skills. Take a number and fall in that line of the chromosome challenged.

Son, you talk like im mara and you let me comment for thrills; in fact you know damn well that other than being a superior smug amoral Ahole of the highest order, im far and away the most wise (henosis) and intelligent (episteme) monkey to ever grace this dimly lit subway-toilet blog.

Who was it that called ME everyday for insights? Yeah that was U. Doubt youll post this fact old man

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