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September 22, 2011


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A superior teacher in mountain climbing is essential if you wish to master this sport where the slightest mistake can cost your life. But there are too many bad teachers out there and far too many students learning the craft with far too many holes in their training. Many are rash, impatient, reckless and too prone in taking deadly risks. At the foot of a great mountain you can easily spot them by their frozen corpses scattered around various catches, rifts and icefields of the mountain.

Equally in Zen Buddhism it takes a superior teacher to attract and teach a student of superior qualities. What connects both here is the love of the dharma. In Buddhism,as in mountain climbing or even sciences, there are average students and superior ones.

It is not a question of an elite versus a lower cast, but more of who chose to do what during countless life times, and when encountering the right teacher, being prepared to put these virtues at test and maturation resulting in enlightenment versus the opposite of unprepared students trying to translate their inadequate virtues into anything but errors and suffering.

there is NO sangha in earliest sutta. such religious constructs are post Gotamid. and circa 300 CE.

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