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September 08, 2011


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Oops type error; where it sais

"Where the form, sensation, idea, volition and the arised yin consciousness feels and seems real, "

it should say;

"Where the form, sensation, idea, volition and the arised Yang consciousness feels and seems real, "

For your sake, Impnight, this one time only, I will post a more instructive comment here, as a sort of first aid should you happen to encounter too many icchantikas on inhospitable forums unhealthy for a bit rash and impatient students of the way.

Good and evil, form and emptiness etc are but mere functions of the real Mind or Mind Only [Cittamatra/Wei-Hsin].

To know the Minds real nature/absolute reality (dharmakaya) beyond good and evil, form and emptiness is also to know its functions (as extension of your true self but not equal to your true self).

To merely know its functions [by mere distinction] and not fully awaken (Budh) to the real nature of the Mind, leads to suffering due to ignorance [avidya] of the latter.

When the being [sattva] in yourself is awakened from its embryonic chrysalis state (garbha) and thus become self aware of its gotra (spiritual lineage linked to the Buddhas) as entirely spiritual [bodhi], this spiritual 'child', is said to be on its first bhumi (1st of 10 spiritual stages where 8th bhumi signifies universal enlightenment/Maha-bodhisattvahood).

Intuitively and directly, this bodhisattva finds itself linked [gotra] to the living principle (chinese. LI) of all Buddhas, where it wondrously percieves the real force behind the mixtures and transformations of Yin and Yang.

By this right knowledge [sanskrit. Pramana] it discovers its ability to increase its access to the infinite supply of pure bodhicitta [noble wisdom] which liberates self from samsara.

What is the living principle and why did early chinese chan buddhists and daoists pay so much importance to it??

Recall in your minds eye the symbol of yin and yang.

When known as Yang, the principle [LI] is percieved as an illuminated phenomenon (in continous state of transformation/change). It seems real because it is supported by LI as Yin. Where the form, sensation, idea, volition and the arised yin consciousness feels and seems real, it is only so because it is supported by the formless unseen LI as Yin.

Here as Yang, apparent form or emptiness, motion or stillness are but illusion (as stated in Lankavatara sutra), divided reflexions or self-empty bubbles (samsara) of reality, and not absolute reality (dharmakaya) itself.

When known as Yin, the principle [LI] is dark, obscure, mysterious, illuminating, primordial, animative. Solving a koan is to discover this principle and by this principle as Yin you cut through all koans like a hot knife through butter.

The awakened bodhisattva (again read spiritual being) reckognizes the difference between yang and yin by power and permanence. Where the one is power-less the other is power, where the one is impermanent (in form) the other is permanent (in substance).

One bypasses the apparent complexity or dividedness of samsara by isolating and understanding (becoming more of) its principle [LI]. Once the principle is understood fully the bodhisattva moves freely between heaven and earth.

One could likewise approach this through early buddhist concepts of initiating paravritti (the turning back or about towards original nature), realizing One Mind [ref. Huang Po} then returning to the world but yet not returning as before, enslaved in a body and mind of ignorance.

The li permeates the spiritual heart of the spiritual being (bodhi-sattva) within yourself and all of reality, which beneath the lowest sub atomic layer is composed of bodhicitta (spiritual energy).  

The bodhisattva that realizes the implications of the latter can do the most remarkable things as stated in the book thirty nine of the Avatamsaka sutra (Entry into the realm of Reality).

If you dont have this part of the avatamsaka (which is not for beginners) mail me (azanshi@gmail.com) and I will send you a pdf version of it (27 MB) or offer a hopefully working torrent link.

Finally try to remember what I told you a while back. Pay attention to what is served and not how it is served. The former reveals truth (substance) and the latter reveals (mere function) or as we genuine zen buddhists say when we point at the moon and the ones without bodhicitta looks at our finger or the moon, mere poseurs and parrots.

(yoda voice) Remember this young skywalker, help you it can, when you engage the darth vaders of the world. (laughs).

Kojizen, for a long time I thought you were Zennist; I mean, I thought he used the nick "Kojizen" when writing in the comments. As you refer to him like this now I know that is not the case.

Thank you, I'll look at his posts on that Forum; I'm excited about it actually, wanna see how the discussion unfolded. I think I found the thread on Transmission.

Imperishable Night, generally, one goes into the ad hominem attack (circumstantial and personal) when they have no evidence for their claims. Just follow Songhill (The Zennist) on Zen Forum International (http://www.zenforuminternational.org). Many of the discussants are quite uneasy with his responses(especially the evidence). He was eventually kicked-off the site when he proved Dogen's transmission certificate was a forgery.

For those of you who have Reddit, someone is trying to attack Zenmar's teachings in a new post : http://www.reddit.com/r/Buddhism/comments/kbhis/can_we_talk_about_self_noself_nonself_people_are/

I'll try to defend it the best I can.

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