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September 06, 2011


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"I believe that the beginner shouldn't read pop Buddhist teachers like Charlotte Joko Beck until they have studied classical Zen which came out of China before and during the Sung period."

This must be repeated over and over again. And I will never stop repeating it to whomever will ask me anything about Buddhism. This has saved from poisoning my already poisoned mind too much by reading books published by Mara Press.

Zennist covered this ground and more in the January 19, 2010 blog "The canon of self-help Buddhism"

Strange that you wrote this article. I am reminiscent of a day my Master told me;

"Why is it Enma Dai-O (King Yama) can drag the spirit of a nun, whom deceived a single sentient being with adharma, straight down to hell and remain blind to a warrior, whom having violently slained his enemies with the single minded sword of Dao, at death, enters the heaven of Tushita?"

In spiritual despair I wept that entire night, because the answer to this morally disturbing riddle, eluded my logical mind that was filled with such little wisdom of the noble ones.

Azanshi changed character overnight. Suddenly he's all kind and nice to everyone. He can't even bring himself to utter a single word of unkindness to a drunkard who just puked all over the floor. Gives a free cup of water without charging a jiao, for the hang-over. What a remarkable change!

KGrey wrote;

"Awakening that does not include undeniably understanding the impossibility and irrelevance to self/others is just a lovely story."

Buddy if you do not like the author, why are you reappearing here, puking all over the place with your inverted views on Buddhism? (Yeah I ve read your page. Its on kindergarten level).

Are you offering this opinion based on your own awesome enlightenment? Or do you merely flap that gob of yours as a childish reaction to his excellent article about this person that has poisoned the Zen community for decades with her lightless garbage?

If you read the sutras there are many clues where her type really went. I leave it to you to "educate" yourself before you keep womiting more of that ignorance all over yourself.

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