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September 01, 2011


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If I find a suitable teacher-nun combo I will definitely take the Zennist's advice and go watch.

Azanshi; Vasudeva, the ferryman is a wonderful story and the novel, Siddhartha is a dear favorite of mine. The reference you give is an analysis of the novel and Google offers more such references, but no “Asian folktales”.

Whiteboy wrote:

"Azanshi; In what sutta is Vasudeva mentioned? I’m only familiar with the story of Vasudeva from the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse."

To my knowledge the story about Vasudeva and siddharta is more of an asian folk tale (mouth to mouth) not found in any sutra (if the zennist knows otherwise please mention link or source), well known around tibet and northern india. Hesse probably heard about it amongst the gelugpa monks during his stay.

I found some material here: http://philosophy.lander.edu/oriental/ferryman.html

and of course typing in the precise search term "Vasudeva, the ferryman" on google will offer you some interesting results.

Now stand still while I test my babe ruth bat.

Oh I forgot to add this;

Pop Buddhism/Joko Beck Zen/New Age nonsense is a short term fix. It is a smokescreen of ignorance; a poison that is slowly choking you to death with no other prospects than rebirth in lower realms of pain and suffering.

Avoid propagators of such adharma like plague. With right balance (Dao) between heaven and earth, it is possible to study the right dharma and live a decent life until first enlightenment.

ImpNight wrote:
"So I realized it's better not to write at all, at least for now. And other topics (not about the Dharma) are really a waste of time.)"

I reckognize my former "self" in you (laughs). You seem to be on the right path. You show great sensitivity, which in a way is good, because once handled right, it will help you solve some really tough koans and kick open the door to right view, kensho and who knows one day even Satori (first enlightenment).

Your webpage serves a very good purpose. I found a zen movie there I never seen before, so it benefitted me on a sentmental level. It might also benefit, someone lost in the Internet sea of "feel-good- all-hold-hands-smoke pot til we drop new age hippies", that are attracting earnest seekers and potential bodhisattvas into their poisonous den of delusion and suffering.

Then you have the Theravadists who got the Pali canon upside down denying the true self. Be careful there. They can entrap you for many lives ahead.I would rather take advice from a seasoned serial killer than these fools.

The author of this blog follows an ancient tradition of the Mind Only school(which is not limited to this world). It is a school that on this planet trace its roots back at least 2500 years. He knows things about Mind and spirit you can´t even dream of. What he puts up here is chan buddhism/Buddhism on an absolutely basic level (you need to learn the basics of standing and walking, before you can dance and run). It seems to me that he in a good bodhisattvic tradition, tirelessly tries to de-poison those coming in from the cold, offering then a cup of green dharma tea. Some(the wise) discovers that their inner tiny grain (gotra) of noble wisdom resonates with his dharma and stay, while others, too poisoned, return out there, continuing their pursuit of spiritual gold in pigs feces.

This place is a good place for basic study. I suspect some of the commentators/visitors are black dragons passing by offering some good wisdom. If you keep your eyes open and attentive you might discover them. You can also contact another (I have to ..I must say it…arrghh) American, and very knowledgeable zennist (of the same Mind Only tradition as the author of this blog). More about him here http://www.youtube.com/user/bodhichild or here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheUnbornMind/ (His online name is Pusan). Go there, bank on the door and ask the head monk of this 12 year old Internet Zen school to let you in. I know for a fact Pusan is preparing an audio release of Red Pine's(Bill Porter) new translation of the Lankavatara sutra to be released next year (http://www.amazon.com/Lankavatara-Sutra-Translation-Commentary/dp/1582437912/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1314026391&sr=1-7 ). A translation that probably will blow most "no-self-buddha-heretics-that-teaches-mindless-denizens-to-love this world-and-their-skandhas" off the water.

You take these few advices son and you will do good, which is more than I can say about most.

Now you have to excuse me, I have to test my new chinese babe Ruth baseball bat and on that illustrious hippie rat Clyde. If I am lucky I might hit a home run today. Clyde…clyde..where are you?

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