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September 15, 2011


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In a way american zen is like the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

The repudiation of the true self in Dogens inverted dharma is in a way equal to the contemporary american buddhist 'community', and can best be likened to the use of a compass in a dense forest.

The dumbest and most materialistic/nihilistic buddhists will claim the true practitioner, is the one with a compass lacking the needle (eg dharma equals no-self and thus right view of this self is not needed).

The more spiritually inclined yet still infatuated with samsara, will value the temporal/material needle and try following its one direction(from birth to death) without a map (read sutras).

The spiritually gifted will learn to read the maps and use the compass in a proper way.

Finally, the buddhist mystics/mahabodhisattvas (read spiritual geniuses) intuively understand the underlying force by the guiding spiritual linkage to the buddhas through the activation of the gotra and hence the undying princple of Mind Only. This force is moving the needle (read animates samsara and all things in it). the right practise (six paramitas) is to become more of it and less of samsara thus developing the ability to follow this force all the way back (paravritti), on a path layed out by the Buddhas, to its final destination and source of origin, Nirvana/Dharmakaya.

Now, ask yourself, honestly, which category do you best fit in? The answer will determine the rest of your lifes practise and understanding of Buddhism or what you believe is 'buddhism'.

If you are down on the list your chances of becoming a non-returner are good, but if you are in the beginning of it, may the Buddhas have mercy on your ass for you will truly feel the pain of what it truly means to be a slave of your own self-ignorant mind.

If someone maintained Zen and Buddhism have no connection, it would not be wrong to assume such person doesn't know anything of Zen or of Buddhism.

Buddha-nature is potentiality, not actuality:

"The Buddha-nature's principle will ultimately be used (yung(ae), functioned) by the mind, despite the fact that [the mind] is being hidden by defilements People who receive the teaching hear of the doctrine of the Buddha-nature and attain faith-understanding [adhimukti]. This is because there is already this superior principle inside them which allows them to attain extraordinary insight."

In China, the Buddha-Nature got linked to the Chinese concept of "li" and also to "Tao"; both denoting an Absolute Principle.

"The Buddha-nature defined in terms of li is, therefore, an essential, transcendent entity, and, unlike the Sanskrit gotra or hetu, it is a priori, perfect, and complete."

Dogen is kind of like a pantheist. Pantheists say God is everything. He says Buddha-Nature is everything. Not potentially, but actually. Just like for the Christians pantheism is heretical, so it should be for Buddhism.

So if Buddha-Nature is already everything, seeking for Enlightenment is a waste of time, we can just sit (shikan-taza) and do nothing.

That is a wrong view and comes from understanding Buddha-Nature AS ACTUAL instead of AS POTENTIAL. Buddha-Nature IS PURE POTENTIALITY IN AND FOR ITSELF.

I don't understand a lot of Buddhism but I certainly understand Dogen was a heretic and people who say Zen and Buddhism are not essentially the same are heretics, too, and deluded beyond hope.

why not merely confirm the obvious son, buddhism and zen have no connection whatsoever except via proxy

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